5 December 2014

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Hey lovelies!

After being loyal to my MAC Opulash mascara for a number of years, I decided it was time to take the risk and try a new one. I'd been considering different ones, of which the Lancôme Hypnôse and Benefit They're Real mascara's came close, but in the end I settled with one that I'd been itching to buy.. Too Faced Better Than Sex! I will start off by saying that I don't like it's name.. na uh! A little naughty don't you think? Well regardless of the name, I bought it and oh my.. I was very happy! MAC Opulash always does a fantastic job, but I think this mascara maybe beat it by close call. Here is my eye (wow, that sounds so casually random if you read it out loud!)

I haven't used an eyelash curler, used extensions or done anything else to my lashes.. literally just put the mascara on. I only put on one coat, and one dip of the brush was enough for both eyes. Thankfully I was very content with the result, something which I was very anxious about! It's not a cheap mascara (£19) so if it wasn't good I would have been so disappointed. I have also never tried Too Faced products before, so that was another thing.

Now onto the packaging! Well, it comes in a box (oo snazzy) and the tube is super PINK! Also, it is quite a heavy tube, but I guess that's done purposely to give it an 'expensive' feel.

The brush is also great. I think a good mascara is not only dependent on the formula, but also the brush. Too Faced BTS does not let you down. It is an hourglass shape with different sized bristles all around. They are nicely spaced so it's not a struggle to coat all lashes. 

Mascara, like every other makeup product does work differently on everyone - it also depends on what suits your own lashes and what kind of effect you want to achieve. In a lot of reviews I read people were complaining about the mascara getting clumpy.. well I never had that problem. Obviously if you're going to do 50 coats and load the brush up, it will clump. Just be wise and use it like you would any other mascara. If you don't 'expect' great results straight away and use it like normal, it will work just fine. Some people think it's going to be a dramatic transformation and get a bit excited and frantically coat their lashes.. haha. Also, I find that one evenly done coat works much better than multiple unevenly spread coats. That's what contributes to the clumping!

So there you go! I got mine from Debenhams (link here) as Boots don't stock it for some strange reason. Let me know if you've used this mascara or any other Too Faced products before. And of course as always let me know if you have any other recommendations for mascaras that you think are better than this! :)

Love and hugs,
Ayesha xxx

30 November 2014

Costa's favourite customer

Hi lovelies!

Sooooo I am a big lover of the festive season, especially with the special hot drinks in cafes. Not to mention the awesome cups they give them in! I have to say, Costa is a winner this year.. not just with drinks but with the cups.. a different Christmas character for each size! Win! Starbucks just doesn't make the cut! Sorry Starbucks - take note! Costa also seem to have a nicer variety too.

Living only 5 minutes away from both Costa and Starbucks and being a uni student with morning lectures, it's safe to say I have been pretty reliant on coffee based drinks and something to cheer me up (and keep me warm)! I have started to recognise the staff that works there too. OOOPS! The amount of money they have made off me in the past month could pay my tuition fees (okay maybe not.. haha)! I think the fact that I have tried most of their Christmas drinks and it's not even December yet, says a lot. Whoa. But they are so good!

Santa for large, Rudolf for small

Snowman for medium!

They also have an elf for the espresso drinks. My current favourite without coffee is the orange hot chocolate, and with coffee is the sticky toffee latte (mmmmm!) - but I warn you, it's SWEET. The others are really good too, don't get me wrong, but these are my favourite. Although there are still a few I have to try which I will do no doubt in the next few weeks knowing me. Anybody up for 9am lectures till 4pm (ah the life of a Master's student)?

Have you tried any of these hot drinks? Do you get excited by festive cups too, or am I the only one who is weird? :D

Lots of festive and warm love,
Ayesha xxx

25 November 2014

My signature scent ♥ Chloe EDP

Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my signature scent, the only perfume I have been loyal to for many years, and the only one that I ever wear until quite recently when I got Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (review here) to change things up a little. People tend to associate certain smells with places, events, and people, which is why I think having a perfume personal to you is important.

Chloe EDP is just so perfect. When I wear it I feel so elegant and feminine.. it is truly divine! This was released in 2008. From what I've heard, it was quite popular in Europe and US, but not as common in the UK. Which is probably why I don't really know anyone else who has this! One of the reasons why I love it more - it makes me feel unique!

Top notes: pink peony, freesia, lychee
Heart notes: magnolia, lily of the valley, rose
Base notes: cedarwood, amber, honey

Perfume smells different on everyone and this seems to work great with my body chemistry. On me, with first application I get the fresh fruity smell of lychee, which soon sets into a sweet (but not sickly) rose for quite some time, with a nice finish of the base notes towards the end. This is a very sophisticated, clean and warm scent. 

Such a beautiful bottle!
The 75ml bottle with box
It is available in a 30ml (£45), 50ml (£62) and 75ml (£75) - so it is fairly high priced, but totally worth every penny! You can buy this from most good drugstores/perfume shops/department stores, but I have always bought it from Boots and Debenhams, so I have linked those two specific websites. I don't think I could ever get get bored of this, it will probably stay my signature scent for as long as they sell it!

Chloe's service is actually outstanding too. One of my previous bottles started leaking and there was a problem with the liquid, so I emailed Chloe and they asked me to send them the faulty bottle. They then replaced my bottle for a new one AND returned my postage costs! I was so so so impressed as customer service is very important to me. 

There are other versions of this scent (known as flankers) too, which are nice, but none are good enough to replace this EDP for me. 

Have you tried this scent? What are your opinions on it?

Lots of rosy love,
Ayesha xxx

1 November 2014

Autumnal nail colours

Hey lovelies!

Autumn means a change in fashion.. so why should that just limit to clothes and hats! This time of year I prefer to go for deeper and darker shades on my nails - from shades of burgundy to dark green!

Darker colours are super on trend at the moment - they go so perfectly with the golden spread outside! It really puts you in the mood for autumnal themed activities (I say that like there are specific things to do.. which isn't really the case haha, maybe drinking a hot latte more often).

My personal favourite shades are the first two featured, the burgundy and the dark green/teal colour. The middle colour is more of a mix between blue and purple, I don't use it that often though. And the final two (purple and navy blue) are good to change things up. I actually like No. 17 varnishes because I think they are really good quality, dry well and stay on well. They are pretty cheap too! Definitely prefer them over Barry M (of which I own a large collection, but I don't buy from them anymore).

I don't always wear nail varnish though, I like having bare nails and it's always good to give your nails a break!

What are your favourite nail colours at the moment?

Lots of warm love,
Ayesha xxx

29 October 2014



Sorry I have been so absent recently.. I have been piled under Master's work and other commitments. Hope you are all well though! 

This is a very short post just to express how happy I am that we are now properly in autumn! Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year, with winter being my favourite season. Now that the leaves are actually golden everywhere, the hot weather has settled down, and the clocks have gone back, it really feels like autumn!

I love the crisp nights and the cool days. Ah, it's starting to get chilly! I'm so happy we have left summer time.. I don't think I can deal with the heat and humidity for so long. 

I love the style trends too.. The beautiful coats, gloves and wooly hats! The golden spread of colour through the streets.. It's all so stunning. I like rain but in moderation. Wind and rain together are my pet peeve. Apart from that I love autumn! It's not super cold yet, so no gloves or hats.. but I can sense that this will change soon.

Took this photo of my gorgeous uni campus!

Do you like this time of year? Or are you sad that summer is over?

Ayesha xxx

15 October 2014

Cognitive dissonance: difficulty making decisions?

Hello people!

Do you ever find yourself having a little battle in your mind over the smallest or biggest decisions? For example, when you are out shopping and you know you shouldn't be buying 'those pair of shoes' but you can't convince yourself to let them go? What you are experiencing is known as 'cognitive dissonance'. 

Social psychologists have highlighted that humans like to have consistency between their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. When these are out of balance, we are motivated to reduce the inconsistency. A Psychologist named Leon Festinger (1957) proposed cognitive dissonance theory. Cognitive dissonance occurs when our beliefs and attitudes are inconsistent with our behaviour, i.e. we do something that contradicts with what we believe in.

For example, a smoker may be constantly informed about the negative effects of smoking, yet they continue to smoke. This would create mental tension (cognitive dissonance) for the smoker, and they would be motivated to reduce this mental tension by modifying their attitudes to fit their perception of their behaviour.

This can be done by three different ways:
1.      Changing behaviour: the individual may stop smoking.
2.      Using rationalisations: “smoking isn’t that dangerous, the media just exaggerate it”.
3.      Adding a third cognition: “I’ll quit smoking at the end of this year”.

However, an individual may experience post-decisional dissonance, where they may feel they have made the wrong decision. This can be avoided by selective exposure to subsequent information. For example, a person who has quit smoking recently feels they should have continued smoking (for various reasons), they may indulge in information that elaborated the positive aspects of quitting, such as the beneficial impact on health, reduced chances of getting lung cancer, absence of the smell of smoke etc. 

So hopefully that will help explain why we often have a little battle in our heads when making a decision!

Lots of Social Psychology love,
Ayesha xxx

3 October 2014

The Body Shop seaweed range ♥ part 2

Hey beauties!

In a previous post (found here) I raved about many products from TBS's seaweed collection for combination skin. I had mentioned that I will be trying their other three products (mattifying day cream, mattifying moisture lotion SPF 15, and the pore perfector) and will do a post soon. Well this is it!

Mattifying day cream:
Oh my goodness.. this is an AMAZING product. I'll be honest; I actually have tried this before when I bought a travel set of the seaweed range. I didn't like it then, or the smell. However, as far as I'm aware this has been reformulated (you can definitely see that with the change in consistency and texture) and I LOVE IT. Firstly, it smells like the rest of the range, which it didn't before. Secondly, it's much easier to apply as it's a lighter lotion. Thirdly, it mattifies so well! And, it doesn't dry out the dryer parts of my face. Basically, it does exactly what it says. I am so pleased with this, and I know I will be repurchasing this many times.. It is pricey for your average face cream, but it's so good that it's worth it, plus, you only need the tiniest amount and it covers really well - It's £11 for 50ml - but keep an eye out for the regular offers that TBS do!

Mattifying moisture lotion SPF 15:
Okay.. this is not for me, I found it way too greasy and it didn't absorb very well. I was told by the sales rep that this is basically the same as the day cream, only difference is that it has SPF. If that is the case then I really don't see the point in purchasing this for myself instead of the day cream, because it doesn't really mattify and leaves me with a sticky face (I presume the SPF is making it greasy). Besides, it's not like we have extensive sun in the UK, so if I want sun protection I will wear it separately. This is priced at £12 for 50ml.

Pore perfector 
This is a great product. I have noticed that my pores seem smaller and my skin looks more even. It smells good just like the other products too. It is a very small amount (15ml) for the price you pay (£12), but you are only supposed to apply a little at a time. I don't personally use too much anyway, as if you apply more your face can seem sticky (though it won't appear it). I only use this on my nose and on my forehead. Generally, I would repurchase this, but, I've noticed that with regular use of the seaweed products my pores/oil are under control and if I don't use the pore perfector it doesn't matter. 

Basically, TBS - if you are listening, thank you for making this range! I always find it disappointing when you spend a lot and the product fails to do what it says. Obviously, this is not the case here. I'm going to be a loyal seaweeder (I totally just made that word up)!

Love and hugs,
Ayesha xxx