23 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash mascara

Hey lovely people!

So I'm here with another mascara review! Benefit's newest mascara is 'Roller Lash' which promises to curl and lift lashes. I will be honest, when I took out the brush I was instantly disappointed. The brush to me looks like it would not work very well, and would be hard to use. I don't gravitate towards small plastic brushes. So, naturally I had low expectations. However, when I used it I was pleasantly surprised! It actually worked really well! I still don't particularly favour the brush, but it's not as difficult to use as I imagined.

Although, applying too much or too many coats does make it clump. The mascara curls and lifts lashes well, but it does not do a good job of separating lashes. It can also make lashes feel a little stiff too. I found this to be a little difficult to remove too, which can be irritating for the eyes. 

A good mascara is one of my makeup bag staples, and I find it difficult to find mascara's that give really great results. I would rate this 7.5/10.

Once again I haven't done anything to my lashes apart from put on the mascara.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. Why? Because my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is much much better than this (I would rate it 9/10). Roller Lash is really good, but I wouldn't choose it over BTS. Especially as they are priced similarly - Roller Lash is £19.50 for 8.5g (I have only got the travel size which is 3g). You can buy this here.

Have you used any of Benefit's mascara's? Is there any other mascara you would recommend? Let me know!

Stay happy!
Ayesha xxx

27 January 2015

That morning run!

Hello gorgeous people!

First of all.. Happy New Year! Sorry for being.. erm invisible.. I was.. you know.. studying for my (ridiculously difficult) Master's degree :P Exams are over so yay! But assignments are already there haha booo :(

I went for a morning run today, for the first time ever.. and it was awesome! I am actually still pumped with adrenaline and this is a very spontaneous post. Haha. It feels so good to get up early and get your heart racing.. releasing those endorphins making you feel stress free and happy. It was just the best wakeup call I needed as I've been pretty stressed lately.

As most people, one thing I want to do in 2015 is to be more healthy and fit. I'm not going to go to extreme lengths to do this, just simple adjustments. Like eating more healthy, reducing the amount of unhealthy food (not cutting it out completely though) and being more active!

I think being spontaneous can really help - I rang my friend randomly last night and told her we are going running in the morning at 8am. If I hadn't done that, I know for sure I would probably still be in bed being lazy. Now that we went and enjoyed it, it gave us a motivation boost and we have now planned to do this every week!

So if you feel like doing something, don't overthink it, just do it. Make plans and just go ahead. Just take each day as it comes, you don't always need to have a routine or order (although a routine is great). Sometimes you need a spontaneous moment to get you ready for a routine (like I did!)

This also allowed me to explore other parts of Manchester that I have never been to before. It was cold and tiring to get out of bed, but once we were out, it was great!

Stay happy and healthy!
Ayesha xxx

24 December 2014

Living up North

Hello beautiful people!

So as some of you may be aware, I am and always have been a Midlands girl. But recently, I have moved up North all alone to study for my Master's degree. It's actually quite a big change which I didn't expect! A great change though, I love it here and I still love the Midlands. It's just been a lot to get used to. Now that I have lived there for 3 months, I thought it was time to reflect upon my experience :)

For starters.. everyone (well, almost everyone..) has a different accent! Oh my goodness! This took a lot of realisation to start with, and everyone knew I wasn't from around the area as I didn't have the same accent. I'm well used to it now though, or so I think.. haha. The Northern accent is quite distinct and it's definitely a big change from the Midlands.

Some 'slang' terms/phrases that I use are not well acquainted here, and vice versa, I don't get some of the stuff they say. But that isn't THAT common of an experience, as I predominantly interact with students who are not all from here themselves. But even then, there is so much stuff that I don't get from them and people here don't get from me that I have to explain. For example, I recently learnt that 'having a brew' means having a cup of tea. Haha.

Weather wise - apparently it rains a lot here! It has rained quite a bit but not that much yet. I presume there is much more to come though.. especially as we are in Winter.. I hope it snows though, I loveeeeee snow so much! Seeing as I am only here for another 6 months (sad times), I want to see my Uni when it's snowed in!

As it's Christmas time, there were huge Christmas markets put around Manchester city centre. They were so beautiful, I absolutely loved them! I am a child when it comes to pretty lights and Christmas decorations. This is something that I adored and was so happy to see! Something they didn't have at my previous Uni, so that was definitely a good change.

Christmas Markets in Manchester
And as it's Christmas tomorrow, I hope you all have a fabulous day and take care of yourselves! If you don't celebrate Christmas, just have a good day anyway :D Eat lots and stay happy.

Lots of festive love,
Ayesha xxx

20 December 2014

Why I don't do 'follow for follow'

Hello beautiful people!

I never started this blog to gain a high level of followers (and make profit from it). I wanted this blog to be a space for me to share my views, thoughts and spread some mental health awareness amongst people. Of course I like love it when people follow, don't get me wrong, but that's not my goal. I am still a novice when it comes to blogging, and I'm always learning and trying out new things. 

The 'follow for follow' comments used to confuse me a little at the start. People comment stating that they 'love' my blog and if I want to 'follow each other' then to let them know on their blog... Erm.. Sorry, what? I would have thought that if you like somebody's blog that much you would follow it anyway.. Because you want to see what they post (not as a way to get more followers for yourself). Secondly, if I liked their blog back I would also follow it; I wouldn't need to ask or find the need to let them know. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I thought blogging was about. I never thought it was a sort of 'competition' or race. 

For me personally, I want someone to follow my blog if they like what I post and actually read what I post. That's what blogging is about, RIGHT? What's so fulfilling about having followers that don't read what you post anyway?

As I post about mental health/sensitive issues, it bothers me when someone clearly without reading the content will comment to purely advertise their blog/giveaway/ask for a follow. Leaving a link to your blog is great, I love that, but, the problem arises when that's the ONLY reason for a comment. I always check out and often comment back on my commenters blogs anyway, so you don't have to worry about that. And naturally, I'll follow if I like it.  

Sorry if I have offended anyone, I was sharing my personal view.

Lots of love,
Ayesha xxx

5 December 2014

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Hey lovelies!

After being loyal to my MAC Opulash mascara for a number of years, I decided it was time to take the risk and try a new one. I'd been considering different ones, of which the Lancôme Hypnôse and Benefit They're Real mascara's came close, but in the end I settled with one that I'd been itching to buy.. Too Faced Better Than Sex! I will start off by saying that I don't like it's name.. na uh! A little naughty don't you think? Well regardless of the name, I bought it and oh my.. I was very happy! MAC Opulash always does a fantastic job, but I think this mascara maybe beat it by close call. Here is my eye (wow, that sounds so casually random if you read it out loud!)

I haven't used an eyelash curler, used extensions or done anything else to my lashes.. literally just put the mascara on. I only put on one coat, and one dip of the brush was enough for both eyes. Thankfully I was very content with the result, something which I was very anxious about! It's not a cheap mascara (£19) so if it wasn't good I would have been so disappointed. I have also never tried Too Faced products before, so that was another thing.

Now onto the packaging! Well, it comes in a box (oo snazzy) and the tube is super PINK! Also, it is quite a heavy tube, but I guess that's done purposely to give it an 'expensive' feel.

The brush is also great. I think a good mascara is not only dependent on the formula, but also the brush. Too Faced BTS does not let you down. It is an hourglass shape with different sized bristles all around. They are nicely spaced so it's not a struggle to coat all lashes. 

Mascara, like every other makeup product does work differently on everyone - it also depends on what suits your own lashes and what kind of effect you want to achieve. In a lot of reviews I read people were complaining about the mascara getting clumpy.. well I never had that problem. Obviously if you're going to do 50 coats and load the brush up, it will clump. Just be wise and use it like you would any other mascara. If you don't 'expect' great results straight away and use it like normal, it will work just fine. Some people think it's going to be a dramatic transformation and get a bit excited and frantically coat their lashes.. haha. Also, I find that one evenly done coat works much better than multiple unevenly spread coats. That's what contributes to the clumping!

So there you go! I got mine from Debenhams (link here) as Boots don't stock it for some strange reason. Let me know if you've used this mascara or any other Too Faced products before. And of course as always let me know if you have any other recommendations for mascaras that you think are better than this! :)

Love and hugs,
Ayesha xxx

30 November 2014

Costa's favourite customer

Hi lovelies!

Sooooo I am a big lover of the festive season, especially with the special hot drinks in cafes. Not to mention the awesome cups they give them in! I have to say, Costa is a winner this year.. not just with drinks but with the cups.. a different Christmas character for each size! Win! Starbucks just doesn't make the cut! Sorry Starbucks - take note! Costa also seem to have a nicer variety too.

Living only 5 minutes away from both Costa and Starbucks and being a uni student with morning lectures, it's safe to say I have been pretty reliant on coffee based drinks and something to cheer me up (and keep me warm)! I have started to recognise the staff that works there too. OOOPS! The amount of money they have made off me in the past month could pay my tuition fees (okay maybe not.. haha)! I think the fact that I have tried most of their Christmas drinks and it's not even December yet, says a lot. Whoa. But they are so good!

Santa for large, Rudolf for small

Snowman for medium!

They also have an elf for the espresso drinks. My current favourite without coffee is the orange hot chocolate, and with coffee is the sticky toffee latte (mmmmm!) - but I warn you, it's SWEET. The others are really good too, don't get me wrong, but these are my favourite. Although there are still a few I have to try which I will do no doubt in the next few weeks knowing me. Anybody up for 9am lectures till 4pm (ah the life of a Master's student)?

Have you tried any of these hot drinks? Do you get excited by festive cups too, or am I the only one who is weird? :D

Lots of festive and warm love,
Ayesha xxx

25 November 2014

My signature scent ♥ Chloe EDP

Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my signature scent, the only perfume I have been loyal to for many years, and the only one that I ever wear until quite recently when I got Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (review here) to change things up a little. People tend to associate certain smells with places, events, and people, which is why I think having a perfume personal to you is important.

Chloe EDP is just so perfect. When I wear it I feel so elegant and feminine.. it is truly divine! This was released in 2008. From what I've heard, it was quite popular in Europe and US, but not as common in the UK. Which is probably why I don't really know anyone else who has this! One of the reasons why I love it more - it makes me feel unique!

Top notes: pink peony, freesia, lychee
Heart notes: magnolia, lily of the valley, rose
Base notes: cedarwood, amber, honey

Perfume smells different on everyone and this seems to work great with my body chemistry. On me, with first application I get the fresh fruity smell of lychee, which soon sets into a sweet (but not sickly) rose for quite some time, with a nice finish of the base notes towards the end. This is a very sophisticated, clean and warm scent. 

Such a beautiful bottle!
The 75ml bottle with box
It is available in a 30ml (£45), 50ml (£62) and 75ml (£75) - so it is fairly high priced, but totally worth every penny! You can buy this from most good drugstores/perfume shops/department stores, but I have always bought it from Boots and Debenhams, so I have linked those two specific websites. I don't think I could ever get get bored of this, it will probably stay my signature scent for as long as they sell it!

Chloe's service is actually outstanding too. One of my previous bottles started leaking and there was a problem with the liquid, so I emailed Chloe and they asked me to send them the faulty bottle. They then replaced my bottle for a new one AND returned my postage costs! I was so so so impressed as customer service is very important to me. 

There are other versions of this scent (known as flankers) too, which are nice, but none are good enough to replace this EDP for me. 

Have you tried this scent? What are your opinions on it?

Lots of rosy love,
Ayesha xxx